What is the Emotion Code? It is a simple, noninvasive way of releasing trapped emotions both in-person and remotely (meaning from a distance, also called distance energy healing).  Releasing trapped emotions has helped me personally with my moods, confidence, and reactions to everyday life events.


What is Reiki? An ancient healing art that comes from a Japanese monk who was looking for that lost art of laying on of hands as Jesus taught his disciples. I have found it to have true energetic healing powers in my own body and for others, I have worked on. 

Reiki:  "A gentle Healing Art working in the body's energy field. Taken from the Usui method, Reiki has many benefits including pain management, in some emotional releases, and moves trapped energy to smooth out that energy of the body to bring balance and well-being."


What is Light Activation? Energy healing that will open and reset DNA energetically to bring more abundance and decisiveness in your life. A holy work that works in one's etheric field, I cannot say enough about this modality! I believe it has made a tremendous difference in my path since receiving it personally.