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Maria Weis

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Hi! I'm Maria Weis.

Welcome to my website! 

My number one priority with everything I do is to INSPIRE you to re-Discover your Wellbeing!

I am here to EMPOWER you to EXPLORE and AWAKEN to the healing power within yourself. 




Emotion Code

Starting at $40

What is the Emotion Code? It is a simple, noninvasive way of releasing trapped emotions both in-person and remotely (meaning from a distance, also called distance energy healing).  Releasing trapped emotions has helped me personally with my moods, confidence, and reactions to everyday life events.


Reiki Healing

Starting at $45

What is Reiki? An ancient healing art that comes from a Japanese monk who was looking for that lost art of laying on of hands as Jesus taught his disciples. I have found it to have true energetic healing powers in my own body and for others, I have worked on. 


Light Activation

Starting at $200

What is Light Activation? Energy healing that will open and reset DNA energetically to bring more abundance and decisiveness in your life. A holy work that works in one's etheric field, I cannot say enough about this modality! I believe it has made a tremendous difference in my path since receiving it personally.

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